Those steep hills and labyrinths of Lisbon’s old quarters are once again full of colorful life. Porto’s traditional streets shine with the musicality of local voices. The atmosphere heats up, spring turns into summer, Portugal is a party for everyone! From north to south, during June, these and other towns celebrate the days dedicated to St. Anthony (the 13th), St. John the Baptist (the 24th) and St. Peter (the 29th).

Hop on a Segway! Remember those? They started the eco-friendly revolution in urban circulation. They’re still a memorable experience, and the perfect safe all-terrain vehicle for discovering what Lisbon has to offer, without the limitations of scooters. Follow the guide on a private tour to the most unexpected corners of the Portuguese capital, where the popular celebrations are starting to come together (yes, they are already serving grilled sardines on tavern terraces!).

In Porto, all this revelry is spread over areas also immersed in the historic centre. The best solution for exploring everything in comfort: a tuk-tuk, of course! Driven by a professional guide, a fun itinerary, folksy as well as cultural, awaits you.

Being this the time of the year when Portuguese popular culture glows, you can also try a unique experience: a filigree goldsmithing masterclass. An art with a worldwide reputation, crafted from Lisbon to Porto and in beautiful Viana do Castelo (even further north), everything in it symbolizes nature, religion and love. Let an experienced goldsmith teach you his delicate secrets.

Let the party begin, and the people’s arts too!