They say this is the right place for a person to indulge in excess, and they’re right. But the meaning is “excess” as an “exception”. And it makes perfect sense. The Monumental Palace is located in the elegant heart of the city of Porto and here everything works flawlessly and with distinction.

Housed in an historical building that housed the famous and renowned Café Monumental in the 1930s, favoured by the city’s high society, the hotel is now an absolute landmark. At the table, everything is as it should be, when life demands higher pleasures, with the Michelin star of the Le Monument restaurant and the Japanese excellence of the Yakuza.

The incredible city is on the doorstep. Its perfect location, right on Aliados Avenue, leads to a universe of vibrant nightlife, museums, galleries and art centers around every corner, and high-end shopping. At the end of an exciting day, the Monumental welcomes you to the unmissable Grande Bleu Spa and its indoor pool. Yes, this is Porto made for the ultimate Porto lovers.