Someone will inevitably say to you “It’s summer, just relax…”, and you’ll reply “Yes, but always on the move!”. Well, the perfect place for that spirit is the territory of permanent adventure and sport called Portugal! Shall we?

Start in Cascais, just a few kilometers from Lisbon. You can get on an e-bike through the Sintra forest and along the Atlantic beaches. From the top of the mountain – at the Peninha Hill, the 360-degree view is breathtaking – to sea level, crossing paths where nature is queen and discovering aristocratic palaces hidden in the landscape, this is an unexpected itinerary. Need more? Oh, then you should be, you must be introduced to the Atlantic Road cycle path, the longest in the country. Spanning 62 kilometers, it consists of several routes that offer exceptional comfort and safety conditions for cycling, rollerblading, skateboarding and scootering, crossing four municipalities in the district of Leiria: Marinha Grande, Alcobaça, Pombal and Nazaré. The same goes for the Dão Eco-track, which stretches for 49 kilometers from the city of Viseu to the town of Santa Comba Dão, in the Center region, where once stood the railway line next to the river Dão. Just stunning.

Now that your muscles are well trained, take to the sea. Portugal is the most excellent surfing destination in Europe, with over 1,000 kilometers of beach. Never been on a surfboard before? No stress. We know the best surf instructors who will take you safely to the waves. Hang loose! When you’ve surfed enough, dare to fly: this entire coastline is full of ideal spots for kyte surfing. Or relax on one of the Algarve’s many waterways aboard a kayak.

Then, jump back on a plane and don’t hesitate: the destination is Pico Island, in the Azores archipelago, right in the middle of the Atlantic! Here the adventure is more demanding: a few hours of trekking to the top of Pico mountain, the highest point in Portugal, at 2351 meters. This is something that will certainly look good on your adventurer’s CV. And this is where you will watch one of the most flabbergasting sunsets in your life.