What does Melides have? It boasts golden beaches, sun all day long, and an ambiance of peace and tranquility? Yes. It flaunts verdant hills, charming vibes, and unmatched beauty? Absolutely. Anyone who’s visited the region of Melides, in Alentejo, knows it’s the real deal – it’s truly a hidden gem on Portugal’s coast that captivates the senses and soothes the soul. If you haven’t been there yet, you might be wondering: ‘Where can I stay for a few days?’. We’ve got you covered.

First option: the Vermelho Hotel, conceived by the renowned shoe designer Christian Louboutin (could there be a more fitting name for the hotel, given his famous red sole creations?). This five-star hotel is a true masterpiece – eclectic, extravagant and bold. Every detail reflects his passion and unique style, blending traditional Portuguese, French, Spanish, and Egyptian elements. The result is impeccable and truly one-of-a-kind. No wonder it’s a member of the Relais & Châteaux luxury network.

And the rooms? There are just 12, and they’re more than just a place to sleep; they tell a story of sophistication and creativity. From vibrant colors to captivating textures, each and every element has been carefully chosen to create an inviting and inspiring space. The furniture and exclusive artworks, handpicked by Louboutin himself, make each room a truly exceptional place to stay.

The exclusivity of Vermelho Hotel also extends to its restaurant. Each meal takes you on a journey of authentic flavors – with a commitment to sustainability, only locally sourced products are chosen – inviting you to experience the true taste of Portuguese cuisine.

And what’s the second option? The Pa.te.os, nestled in the hills of Grândola, near the coastal village of Melides. Designed by the renowned architect Manuel Aires Mateus, it’s not your typical hotel; instead, it comprises four contemporary houses that explore the concept of courtyards (in Portuguese, “pátio” – the name of the place is a nod to the old writing of the word), seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces.

The houses exude intentional simplicity, featuring wood, concrete, and other natural materials in sandy, gray, and pearl tones throughout their interiors. The idea is to draw our attention to the countryside scenery, a place painted with pine trees, cork oaks, and olive trees, allowing us to disconnect from the everyday hustle and bustle and immerse ourselves in the sounds and aromas of nature.

Upon request, you can enjoy their home dining service, that offers meals made with fresh, organic ingredients from the Alentejo region, while avoiding the use of plastic and refined sugars. The meticulously curated menu promotes conviviality, encouraging guests to share the pleasure of a meal with their loved ones. Imagine an inviting atmosphere, where conversations flow effortlessly alongside shared bottles of wine – a setting that embodies tranquility in the midst of nature.

Now that you know where to stay, what’s stopping you? Melides promises to be an unforgettable getaway.