The Last Supper had 13 people at the table. Your first great gastronomic experience in Portugal will have 12. The chef never cooks for more than that many. Better said, he’s especially available for less than that. Book the table just for yourself, family and close friends, because this is how things work better at the Food Circle in Comporta, in the heart of the fabulous Sublime hotel.

You know Comporta. It’s one of Europe’s most amazing coastal destinations. It’s just over an hour south of Lisbon, past Setúbal, next to the Tróia peninsula. The warm beach is just opposite. It’s a world of exclusivity like few others.

The Food Circle opens by reservation only. The meal is prepared live by the chef, using ancient cooking methods, over the fire, right in front of you, next to the table. The diners listen to the narrative about each moment of the preparation, about the importance of the wines served and the meaning of the desserts. “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” In Comporta, he added the Food Circle. This is the moment to fall in love with it.