If you really want to get a feel for the authentic Portuguese life, head to one of those farmers markets that can be found in any town or city in the country. Start your visit early, this is important! It’s in the morning that the lushest vegetables, the brightest fish, the tastiest meats, and an endless array of sweets and dried fruits arrive straight from the countryside and the sea. Try, for example, the Campo de Ourique Market in Lisbon, or the one in Tavira, one of the most beautiful towns in the Algarve, or the fascinating and exotic Funchal Market, in the capital of the island of Madeira.

If you prefer the ideal cross between all that and contemporary flavors, the Bolhão and Bom Sucesso markets in Porto are a must, as is the Ribeira market in Lisbon. These are places where gourmet stalls sit side by side with the traditional ones, offering out-of-the-ordinary food and wine experiences.

In a market, everything is new every day – including the experience of feeling Portugal.