This is a fabulous city, half Gothic, half Baroque, medieval, and contemporary. A trip on a tram from the early 20th century, owned by the original company, is a remarkable way to absorb such historical diversity. An exclusive tram, that is, that can be booked for a family or a group of friends.

The itinerary is up to the traveler: there are routes that depart from Ribeira, the area where the city flourished more than a thousand years ago (yes, a thousand years), and then follow the stunning Douro River waterfront to Passeio Alegre, the elegant garden frequented by the 19th century high society. Other routes cross the Carmo or Batalha districts, in the heart of Porto’s cultural and commercial life. And it can always be arranged a private visit to the Streetcar Museum, a veritable temple to these memory machines.

In the past, this was a way to get across town quickly. Today, Porto’s trams offer the exact opposite, which is a great thing. Even better, there is no vehicle simultaneously historic and environmentally friendly like this one. (And exclusive, without annoying commuters!)